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31.10.2022 — Boolean operators are words or symbols used as conjunctions to combine or exclude keywords in a search. Using these operators, you are able …

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This is because Google Scholar offers limited options to combine multiple search terms with Boolean operators (like AND, OR, NOT).

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14.01.2022 — Boolean Operators. Boolean search operators include AND, OR, and NOT. Connecting keywords using these search operators creates a search string.

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10.01.2019 — While the features mentioned above are still valid, now Google and Google Scholar also allow employing proper Boolean Operators typically …

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o The Google search box accepts up to 32 words. o Select distinctive words; … o If no operators are entered, results will contain all words entered.

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Image of Boolean operators. In Google or Google Scholar you do not need to add the operator AND, and a minus symbol is used instead of the operator NOT.

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Searching Google Scholar. How do I search by author? Use the “author:” operator, e.g., author:”d knuth” or author:”donald e knuth”. How do I search by title …

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